How to choose your first kettlebells

How to choose your very first kettlebells

The big question is; do you go for a cast iron kettlebell or a vinyl covered kettlebell?

On one hand you may think that the vinyl kettlebells are more aesthetically pleasing and that they do less damage to your floor if you drop them a little heavily. And, pekettlebellsrhaps the cast iron ones, on first appearance, look more ‘manly’ and less aesthetically pleasing. But, here are the facts; Vinyl covered kettlebells still damage the floor as cast iron ones, and hey, you shouldn’t be dropping them anyway, if you have great technique!


One argument against vinyl kettlebells is that they may crack and the vinyl covering fall off. This, of course, is not a problem with cast iron. The vinyl could be covering imperfections in the kettlebell which you would usually see if no cover. Sometimes, as with the rack movement, a vinyl coated kettlebell can pinch your skin which is uncomfortable and gets in the way of your well planned workout!

Cast iron kettlebells are more recommended than vinyl in the research I have done. There is less things that can go wrong (cracking of the vinyl, pinching of the skin) and although vinyl ones are sometimes colour coded, cast iron kettlebells are clearly marked with the weight so this is no advantage.

I use BodyMax cast iron kettle bells.

For best places to buy your kettlebells in the UK, drop me an email, tweet or facebook post.

Sports Massage to Keith Flint from The Prodigy

Keith_in_2009On May 8th 2015 I met the lead singer from the band The Prodigy. What a thoroughly splendid guy.

As we started the sports massage he told me that he regularly has treatment when he is on tour. That evening he was playing at the Motorpoint Arena here in Cardiff.

We spoke about our hobbies: mountain biking and motor bikes, pets and his career. A much enjoyable 90 minutes of my life.

After the sports massage he did say that he felt ‘ace’ and that I was the first therapist to massage his arms (I figured with all that dancing it would help). How he had enjoyed his first experience of the new techniques I’d used to psyche him up for the gig and off he strolled as if totally prepared for the night’s events!

Overall, a great night’s work! :o)

Letter of Thanks from New Zealand Athletics Team for my Sports Massage in Cardiff

In September 2014 I received my letter of thanks for all my hard work with the NZ Athletics team. I provided sports massage in cardiff to the athletes for two weeks as they built up to the 2015 Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

Here’s the letter of thanks.

I’m keeping in contact with them and hope to catch up some time in the future!

Sports Massage Treatment to the New Zealand Athletics Team

From the 10th July to 20th July 2014 I was chosen by the New Zealand lead physiotherapist to come along to treat the athletes whilst they were on tour in Cardiff. They were on their way to Glasgow for the Commonwealth games 2014.

Everyone was so friendly I immediately felt part of the team. It was a great pleasure to assist them at the Welsh Nationals on Tuesday 15th July and to watch them perform.

Each athlete has their own coach and way of preparing from the Commonwealth games so it was a diverse and interesting mix of sports massage treatments that needed to be done.

I really hope that I was able to help them in their preparation for the games and look forward to seeing them win some medals!

Benefits of a personal trainer over any exercise class

Everybody will have their own personal, individual goals. If you have not thought about this before then I can not recommend thinking about these, writing them down & putting them up somewhere that you will see frequently. Put them on your fridge, on your bedroom door or somewhere you will see and be reminded that this week you want to eat more healthily or this week you are beginning the journey of enduring 100 press-ups. :o) Whatever your goals are, they are personal to you and will help to motivate you.

Anyway, I digress a little from the topic. Let’s continue….If you exercise in a class environment then all the goals of the people in that class will be different. Considering this and the fact that each person within the class will be at a different level of fitness and have differing levels of  health means that the class can not be tailored for each individual. So, while you are exercising which is great and group classes definitely have their place,  you may not be exercising in the most effective way for you and your goals. With this in mind,  if you are not achieving your goals it is easy to become de-motivated. And, this is where a personal trainer can be of vital importance.

If you want to lose weight then a class will help, but if the sessions are individually tailored for you then you will lose weight faster, feel great after every workout and therefore feel better and highly motivated.

If you have a muscular imbalance that you would like to be addressed, it’s very unlikely this can be looked at in a group environment as there are many class members for the instructor to look after. Likewise with any previous injuries a personal trainer is able to help you recover faster as they only have you to look after and not a dozen (or so) other exercisers.

If you would like to begin to see a personal trainer then I would recommend looking at a handful near you and get a feel for who you think you’d work best with. You can get a lot of useful information from a website and don’t be scared to call them for a chat as this is the perfect way to put your mind at ease. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable talking on the phone chances are that you won’t in person. So, take the time to research and find the best personal trainer for you.

It’s good practise to meet with the personal trainer for a consultation, some times this is absolutely free. This way you can meet them before you have committed to training and is another indication that they are the right choice for you.

You may still be participating in two group classes a week (depending on goals of course) as well as seeing the personal trainer, so they can work together, but it’s that personal one to one time that is so beneficial to you in so many ways.

Once you’ve chosen a personal trainer then they will most probably complete a fitness test and write you a tailored fitness programme to follow which focuses on your goals and the results from the fitness test.

Everybody is happy and you can smile because you’ve just made an investment in your health and your own body which is one of the most important things in life.