The Importance of Sports Massage

Sports Massage helps a longer-term training regime, such as that Marathon Des Sables, being undertaken by Vitality Fitness regular customer, Adam Chapman.

The Marathon Des Sables is an ultra-marathon which means covering 156 miles over 6 days with only one day rest! As if that was not enough it is in one of the world’s most gruelling environments; the Sahara desert. It will most definitely be hot (understatement of the year). Anyway so Adam is definitely hard-core to want to do this race! He is running to raise money for the charity Walking with the Wounded and you can catch up with Adam on his blog below:

Sports massage therapy can benefit every part of an athlete’s training program. Sports massage can help to treat specific problems that are preventing you from following your training program, speed up your recovery, reduce adhesions or ‘tight’ areas in your muscle by increasing circulation.

Runners get a great deal from sports massage due to the repetitive muscle contraction required for running. During a longer run the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments are all put under a lot of stress from the force exerted on them by running. Sports massage will reduce tension in the muscles produced from running and reduce soreness after training. Any injuries which do occur (from insufficient warm up or cool down etc) can be properly treated by reducing  scar tissue and in doing so reducing the reoccurrence of the same injury.

As some massage techniques used by Donna increase lymphatic flow, an increased amount of wastes are drained from muscles, including lactic acid which leads to that shorter recovery time I’ve mentioned above. Any soreness in the muscles from a heavy training session can be reduced by sports massage, range of motion can be restored or improved (depending on the sport), overall performance and running technique (efficiency) itself  improved.

Runners can help the benefits of sports massage to stay with them longer by drinking plenty of water,  improving sleep patterns, appropriate nutrition and stretching.

Personal Trainer in Cardiff in a Nutshell

Using a personal trainer in Cardiff is not necessarily a long-term expense.

My goal is to educate you to make sure you know why you’re doing certain exercises and to take you on a journey to where you enjoy exercise so you know what you’re doing, and have the motivation to keep going through the high– and low-times.

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Get a 5k PB today!

The first thing to remember that your run must be fun!

This article will support you to make all your running training fun. You are going to love this, all you have to have is a bit of commitment, dedication and effort. The more miles that you cover in a week then the more energy you’ll have and the stronger you’ll feel.

The idea behind of this article is to allow paces which were once completely impossible to maintain not only possible, but comfortable for you!

You are the main person to think about when you are on a long run. When you have longer, more regular runs there will be more you time which will mean that you feel healthier, stronger and better about yourself. The people who spend time with you will benefit from this new you!

Weight Loss – 3

High intensity cardiovascular exercise are the best kind for fat loss. This will burn more calories more effectively during exercise and, by speeding up your metabolism, will help to keep burning the calories after exercise has finished.

The most important piece of information is the number of calories burned per unit of time. The more calories you expend the greater the amount of fat that will be broken down. For example, walking for 60 minutes will burn approximately 270kcal of which 160kcal (60% calories) comes from fat. Running for 60 minutes will burn 680kcal of which 270kcal (40% calories) comes from fat. Therefore, the running will lead to greater fat loss over the same amount of time.

Weight Loss – 2

To lose body fat you must expend more energy than you take up in your food and drink, this is called achieving a negative energy balance.

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To lose more fat than muscle ensure you incorporate some weight training and cardiovascular training into your exercise routine.