How to choose your first kettlebells

How to choose your very first kettlebells

The big question is; do you go for a cast iron kettlebell or a vinyl covered kettlebell?

On one hand you may think that the vinyl kettlebells are more¬†aesthetically pleasing and that they do less damage to your floor if you drop them a little heavily. And, pekettlebellsrhaps the cast iron ones, on first appearance, look more ‘manly’ and less aesthetically pleasing. But, here are the facts; Vinyl covered kettlebells still damage the floor as cast iron ones, and hey, you shouldn’t be dropping them anyway, if you have great technique!


One argument against vinyl kettlebells is that they may crack and the vinyl covering fall off. This, of course, is not a problem with cast iron. The vinyl could be covering imperfections in the kettlebell which you would usually see if no cover. Sometimes, as with the rack movement, a vinyl coated kettlebell can pinch your skin which is uncomfortable and gets in the way of your well planned workout!

Cast iron kettlebells are more recommended than vinyl in the research I have done. There is less things that can go wrong (cracking of the vinyl, pinching of the skin) and although vinyl ones are sometimes colour coded, cast iron kettlebells are clearly marked with the weight so this is no advantage.

I use BodyMax cast iron kettle bells.

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