Weight Loss Cardiff

Do you want to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off?


I am helping people lose weight safely through enjoyable exercise, lifestyle changes and nutritional changes. Let me help you too, call me for an friendly chat to discuss how I can help you.

Alternatively, you can visit my online personal training services section which includes ways to lose fat weight.

The key to successful fat loss is to cut your fat to 20-25% of total calories and reduce carbohydrates by only a small amount. Carbohydrates should still make up 50-60% of total calories. Although this may sound similar to an average diet, remember the calorie intake has decreased so the carbohydrate has been reduced proportionally.

In general to lose weight you need to ensure:

  • You set realistic goals
  • Eat small portions regularly
  • Have a healthy, balanced diet
  • Ensure portion sizes aren’t too large
  • Allow for lapses now and again. Don’t give up. Occasional lapses are okay.
  • Make changes to your diet slowly.


The type and quantity of foods that make up a healthy eating plan are often misunderstood. A lot of people do not eat enough and therefore lower their metabolic rate, which reduces the ability to burn fat and in turn increases the presence of fat. Although the person may experience weight loss due to dehydration and decreased lean muscle tissue this is not a healthy or recommended method. I will help you to lose weight safely and provide education on the best method to adopt.

I am currently helping my clients to lose weight by careful analysis of their current diets, providing improvements where appropriate and careful monitoring. With all this, alongside a realistic exercise programme, the benefits will be very pleasing.

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