Personal Trainer Cardiff

Donna is a Personal Trainer Cardiff who is professional, attentive & friendly.


Personal Training is exciting, fun, rewarding but it is also requires some dedication and hard work from you! I can motivate you and help you to achieve your goals. You will need to be ready for the change and prepared for the journey ahead.2015-06-09 10.00.50


Below are some typical goals I’ve, your local personal trainer in Cardiff, have helped with:

  • weight loss
  • toning up
  • decreasing body fat
  • improving what and when you eat
  • improving cardiovascular fitness
  • feeling great during pregnancy and after birth
  • improving flexibility 
  • changing to a healthy lifestyle
  • preparing for an event
  • improving sleep patterns
  • increasing energy levels
  • Flatten your stomach
  • helping with motor fitness (improving movement, balance, agility, speed and reaction times to help enhance performance & everyday enjoyment)

I have an on going number of clients who are achieving their goals through fun, effective and motivational exercise. Why not give me a call and I can bring some vitality back into your life!

You can train with me in the comfort of your own home, outside, in the gym or private studio. I have all the equipment to help you achieve your goals.

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Have a think about what you want to achieve from seeing a personal trainer Cardiff and then fill in my contact form so I can give you a ring back to have a chat with you about what it involves and how I can help you. If you prefer, simply call me on 029 20140 0069 or 079 0452 5169. Whatever area of fitness or well-being you’d like to address now is the best time to do something about it.

I am a personal trainer in Cardiff and surrounding areas. I can travel further but will charge fuel costs by the mile.

Free Initial Consultation

Vitality Fitness offers a free 30-60 minute initial consultation where we meet in a desirable location for us to discuss everything we both need to to ensure that:

  1. we feel comfortable working together
  2. you know exactly what you want to achieve and in what time frame
  3. I find out how to best train you to achieve your goals

Contact me for your free consultation today!

What to expect during the free consultation:

  • Client screening questionnaire
  • Discuss why you contacted me and what you want from a personal trainer
  • Assess current life style and suggest improvements and changes
  • Discuss goals – long term, medium term and short term
  • Identify any personal barriers to exercise

Why not get in Contact with me, I can help make that difference you’ve been looking for.

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personal trainer cardiff

personal trainer cardiff

personal trainer cardiff

personal trainer cardiff

personal trainer cardiff



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