Nutritional Programmes

Want to feel better, more energised, happier? Then phone me for an informal chat on a tailored nutritional programme here in Cardiff, designed just for you. A nutritional programme must be right for you and you alone.

For a tailored nutritional programme in Cardiff, please get in contact. Your nutrition programme will be carefully designed for you and takes into account your weight, height, lifestyle choices (sedentary/moderately active/active/very active) and any regular exercise. Which means the nutritional programme works wonders for you whatever your goals. Call me and let’s start on this journey together.

Or , alternatively, buy a tailored nutritional programme below and I shall be in contact for all the details I need to start writing your very own tailored nutritional programme.

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You are what you eat. If you want to change habits, improve vitality, feel & look like you again then call me for a friendly chat regarding nutrition, healthy eating and designing the right nutritional programme for you.

General healthy eating from Vitality Fitness

Eating for performance

If you are thinking of increasing your physical activity it is important to ensure you have enough fuel for the activities that you will undertake. When you exercise your body needs to increase the amount of energy being produced, your muscles contract more strenuously, heart beat increases and lungs work harder. All this requires energy.

The three components of food that are capable of producing energy are carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Carbohydrate sources are mainly used for energy, proteins are used for emergencies or when carbohydrates amounts are lower in the body. So, to ensure you have sufficient energy for the activity ensure that your diet has increased amounts of CHO (potatoes, pasta) and protein (animal/meat products, poultry, cheese, lentils, yoghurt). Cut down on fat and fatty foods. Drink plenty of fluid throughout the day (8 glasses of water is the recommended amount per day) and drink before, during and after exercise.